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*Only 1 voucher can be used per person on any air and hotel vacation package booked through Valente Travel Inc. Please submit this voucher at time of booking. Voucher must be used for full or final payment on your trip and not for deposit only.

Feedback Questionnaire

Give us your FEEDBACK! (and we’ll give you a guaranteed $25 off your next
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We at Valente Travel value you as a client and want to know what we can do to
make your next vacation even better.  To reward you for taking this survey, we will
instantly give you a voucher worth $25* towards your next vacation plus your name
will automatically be entered into a draw for a chance to win a trip at our Fall “Windsor 

Don’t sugarcoat it!  We can take the criticism good or bad!  Your honesty is crucial to
this survey and will help us to service you even better in the future.

Directions:  Please complete the questionnaire in full, hit submit and your voucher will
pop up and be ready to print immediately.  (Survey should take no longer than 5 minutes 

Now let’s begin so tell it like it is!

1. Getting to know eachother
Have you inquired about a trip through Valente Travel Inc. in the past? *
Have you booked a trip with Valente Travel Inc. in the past? *

2. How was your trip? (if you did not travel yet, choose N/A and go to next section)
a) If you booked a trip with us, please rate the components of your trip in general. (Please rate from 1-6 with 1 being poor and 6 being excellent). Choose N/A if you did not travel yet or if it does not apply. *

1-poor , 2-Below Average, 3- Average, 4-Good, 5-Very Good, 6-Excellent, or N/A.
Air Only
Hotel or Resort Only
Air and Hotel
Escorted Tour
Rail vacation
Optional Activities /

Tour operator e.g. Apple Vacations, Delta Vacations etc


Additional Comments

3. Tell us how we are doing:
a) Please rate the qualities below of the travel consultant from Valente Travel who either quoted you on a trip or helped you to book your most recent trip. (choose N/A if not applicable) *

1-poor, 2- Below Average, 3- Average, 4-Good, 5-Very Good, 6-Excellent, or N/A.
How you were greeted
General Hospitality
Willingness to help
Getting back to you in a timely manner

Travel Knowledge



In General

b) Do you remember the travel consultant's name? This is located on the top right of your invoice. His / her name is
c) Would you recommend this travel consultant to others?
d) Additional comments

4. Overall Impressions
a) Please rate your overall impressions of the complete quoting, booking and travel experience (whichever may apply): *

1-poor , 2-Below Average, 3-Average, 4-Good, 5-Very Good, 6-Excellent, or N/A.
Overall quoting process
Overall booking process
Overall impression of your trip
Overall value of your trip

Did the trip meet your expectations?

Valente Travel first impression.
Valente Travel general office atmosphere

Valente Travel service in general

Valente Travel professionalism in general
b) Additional comments
c) Would you recommend Valente Travel to others?
d) If the answer is no, why not?

5. Tell us a bit about yourself
a) How often do you like to travel?*
b) Where would you like to go next?*
More specifically?
c) What type of travel?*
d) When would you like to take your next trip?*
e) Contact Info *
Your First Name:

Your Last Name:


f) Would you like us to contact you in the future for your next trip?*
g) Would you like to sign up for our email specials/newsletter?*

6. How can we do better?
a) Anything else on your mind? Please let us know
b) How can we make things even better?

*prices shown from US gateways are in $USD

*prices shown from US gateways are in $USD

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