Why Book With Us?

Why not?  But seriously....

We support our local community

...and in turn hope that they\'ll support us.

-We have sponsored many local events, fundraisers, sports teams, charities etc. over the years..including:

  • Windsor Minor Hockey Association
  • Many local baseball and soccer teams
  • W.E. Care for Kids
  • In Honour of the ones We Love
  • Hospice
  • Heart & Stroke
  • The Kidney Foundation

No service fees on vacation packages, cruises and motorcoach tours!

Yes, our consultation advice is generally free. There are sometimes small ticketing fees on booking a flight only or a special visa but that's about it!

Locally owned and operated

That's a no-brainer.  With all being equal, why wouldn't you want to support your local community?

Your money is protected with us

Yes this is true.  When you book with a certifiied T.I.C.O. accredited travel agency in Ontario, your vacation dollars are protected by the Ontario government in case of any insolvencies.  If you book online or out of province, you're on your own!

One stop shopping

We'll issue your airline ticket, accommodations, rent you a car, do a visa for you (if required) put you on a bus or train then offer you optional insurance.  Now that's what i call one stop shopping!

Access to special fares

Because we have unique relationships with our suppliers we may have access to fares or charter airlines that you may not necessarily find on your own.  The more options you have, the more educated decision you can make.

Booking "takeovers" at no charge

Want to take advantage of that extra "ship onboard credit" if booking your next cruise while onboard?  No problem.  Just make your booking onboard and tell them that your travel agent is Valente Travel.  You'll get the credit, we can take the booking over and service you just as we would if you booked it here directly, all at no extra charge!

We have your back!

You are backed by Windsor's premier travel agency.  If there is a problem, give us a call.  We're easy to reach and we're real people!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your trip or the service of one of our professionals, email Al Valente directly at al@valentetravel.com

*prices shown from US gateways are in $USD

*prices shown from US gateways are in $USD

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*prices shown from US gateways are in $USD